White paper “Recycled material in plastic packaging” – download now for free

In a world that is increasingly confronting the challenges of sustainability, the use of recycled material in the plastic packaging industry is gaining in importance. Recyclates, i.e. recycled plastic materials, are at the heart of a more environmentally friendly approach to the production and use of packaging.

But what is recycled material anyway? Which types of recycled materials exist, and what advantages does their use bring in terms of the production of plastic packaging? This white paper answers these and other questions in a clear and structured way. At the same time, it serves as a guide through the complex web of technical possibilities, regulatory conditions, and market requirements. The white paper is supplemented by case studies that specifically illustrate how recycled material can be used in plastic packaging.

The industry is on the right track towards more sustainable packaging solutions. Innovations, improved recycling technologies, and a growing awareness of the importance of recycled materials are driving this positive trend. Promoting the closed-loop economy and sustainable consumption will remain the focus for manufacturers, consumers, and policy-makers.

Overall, the integration of recycled material into plastic packaging is a promising approach to address the environmental challenges facing the packaging industry, while simultaneously enhancing the economic viability and sustainability of packaging solutions.

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