Sure, you can get by without keeping things organized. But usually not for very long. And only about half as well. Modular transport and organizing systems from rose plastic help you make room for everything – and give everything its proper place. In other words: they help you to create order from chaos. And since organization is half the battle, our practical helpers make your life twice as easy.

Need an example? No problem: The sturdy storage and transport containers in our LogisticSystem range provide suitable inserts for different contents to ensure perfectly stowed and sorted tools and equipment. And our AQURADO® drawer organizer brings much-needed order to the drawers in workshops, laboratories, offices, and kitchens. On this page you’ll find an overview of our ideas for creating more order and a better overview.

Ensure perfect organization while en route. The LogisticSystem from rose plastic.

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LogisticSystem: a sturdy logistic system.

Keep everything squared neatly away. The SystemBoard from rose plastic.

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SystemBoard: the modular system for perfect logistics.

For the tidiest workshop/kitchen/desk drawers ever. AQURADO® from rose plastic.

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Packaging & storage system AQURADO®

Perfectly sold, perfectly stowed. StorePack from rose plastic.

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StorePack: a modular packaging, sales and storage system that adapts with flexibility to different user needs.

Everything in perfect order. With transport and organizing systems from rose plastic

Are these ideas that will change the world? We wouldn’t go that far. But they sure will help you keep things neat and tidy.

LogisticSystem: our storage and transport containers for tools

If you want your products to be well received, they need to arrive in style! The LogisticSystem from rose plastic includes robust boxes made from scratch-resistant polypropylene (PP), which are available in different sizes. They combine optimum protection with perfect organization – and are ideal for sorting, storing, and transporting tools and other delicate equipment. Can be combined with trolleys to facilitate transport – even with heavily loaded containers.

These boxes are designed for use with foam trays and our modular SystemBoard. The foam trays can flexibly accommodate different tool lengths and diameters thanks to cutouts with insertable dividers, while recessed grips ensure easy handling.

The LogisticSystem from rose plastic. Contains 100% pure organization.

SystemBoard: our modular system with tool inserts

You’ve finally found a way to keep everything neat and tidy! The SystemBoard from rose plastic – stackable frames with modular inserts for storage, picking, and transport boxes. A perfect match for the LogisticSystem from rose plastic.

The SystemBoard is the perfect solution for creating well-organized, space-saving and accessible storage for tools, turned parts, and technical components. For example, it’s simply ideal for order-related assembly or transport for cleaning, regrinding, or coating. Even position-accurate automation is possible.

Numerous inserts for a wide range of tool diameters make the SystemBoard incredibly flexible. The SystemBoard from rose plastic. It actually makes tidying up fun!

AQURADO®: our draw organizers for your workshop, office, or home

Find it and smile instead of searching and cursing! AQURADO® from rose plastic is a sophisticated organizing system for all kinds of drawers, whether in the workshop, laboratory, office or at home.

The base is a base pad that can be easily cut to fit any drawer size in seconds. Various modules are available, either for universal use or specific applications, such as calipers, socket sets, drills, laboratory or office supplies. The modules are very easy to attach and can be stacked and stored.

All parts are made from high-quality, impact-resistant and unbreakable ABS plastic, which is also resistant to oils and greases. Besides effectively creating order, they also provide increased product protection. The components of the AQURADO® organizing system are also available as practical, ready-to-use sets. AQURADO® – keeping things tidy has never been so satisfying.

StorePack: combined sales packing and storage system

Reusable system to prevent waste StorePack from rose plastic is two things in one: This clever packaging solution not only serves as a practical sales aid, but also scores points when it comes to sustainability by providing the additional benefit of an organizing system.

Various modules are available (some with hangers and lids), making the system ideal for use at the point of sale, for example for all kinds of small parts. All modules are stackable and can be attached to the dimpled mat with just one “click”. StorePack therefore ensures order in the “small parts jungle” – both before and after the purchase.

StorePack can also be combined with our RoseCassette – a practical assortment cassette that keeps the contents perfectly organized and securely packaged for transport. All modules are made from high-quality ABS plastic; the transparent cover is made from PET.

Store Pack. Inspiration to create order instead of waste.

Embarrassed by the state of your shelves and drawers? Not any more, thanks to AQURADO®, the perfect drawer organizer

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Transport and organizing systems from rose plastic. The right choice.

For decades, we’ve made a name for ourselves worldwide with our high-quality plastic packaging. Find out what companies around the globe value about rose plastic.

Decades of experience

Over 65 years of experience in plastics processing and in-depth expertise in niche markets, such as the tool industry, make us the first choice for customers all over the world.

Vast selection of plastic packaging solutions

Our extensive product range includes thousands of different types of plastic packaging, so our customers almost always find the ideal solution. Many of our products, such as our transport and organizing systems, can be precisely adapted to our customers’ requirements by means of various modules. However, thanks to our highly efficient development and design processes, we can also create customized, bespoke solutions.

Worldwide availability

As a global player, rose plastic has its own production and sales locations worldwide. This enables us to produce in the most logistically, economically, and ecologically advantageous location for your markets. As a pioneer in the area of quality management, we also maintain consistently high quality standards worldwide.

Maximum flexibility

Over just a few decades, rose plastic has grown from a two-man operation into a true global player. Each year, we produce more than 500 million products worldwide. This means we can meet ambitious schedules – even when delivering very large quantities. However, because we have always been flexible (and kept our feet on the ground), we are also able to fulfill our customers’ wishes for smaller quantities in a particularly cost-effective manner.


Good to know: Thanks to its sturdiness and longevity, our plastic packaging is reusable. For example, our transport and organizing systems typically remain in use for many years. Incidentally, all our packaging is recyclable, so it can be easily returned to the raw material loop after use.

Create even more order for your products - by choosing our products.

Do you think our transport and organizer systems are great, but not quite what you’re looking for? That’s no reason to give up – we have many other ways to put your world in order! For example, take a look at our range of plastic cases, protective boxes, and cassettes.