From our factory in Sorocaba in the federal state of São Paulo, rose plastic serves all customers in South and Central America, except Mexico and Costa Rica. Our packaging specialists can provide advice on packaging development in a personalized and competent manner. The goal is for you to have the perfect packaging for your product.

With the foundation of rose plastic Brasil in 2006, the Group took another huge step towards its globalization strategy, establishing itself in Brazil, the most industrialized country in South America. rose plastic Group, whose headquarters is located in Germany, has a global presence, either with production units in Germany, USA, China and India, in addition to the Sorocaba factory, or with sales offices in Spain, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and South Korea. The factory currently has 70 employees and has Thiago Gibson Notaro as General Manager.

Packaging solutions for renowned customers

From our factory in Sorocaba, one of the most prosperous cities in the State of São Paulo, we supply packaging for a great variety of segments. Our market niches are the areas of cutting tools, DIY, consumer items, engineering an industrial and components, electrical components, welding accessories, etc., and since 2016 for the pharmaceutical segment, with the construction of a new factory equipped with a clean production room, suitable to serve the most demanding customers in the pharmaceutical and food business.

Always close to you

With new and modern facilities, located in a region served by an excellent road network, easy access to airports and ports, we serve efficiently and quickly throughout Brazil and Latin America – no matter where you are, we will be close to you.

Customer Service

We want to see you satisfied! And for that we work incessantly. Our packaging specialists will work with your technical team to develop the perfect packaging that fits your products in a personalized way. You can choose from our wide range of standard packaging, or choose to develop customized packaging that is tailored to your product and brand. Take advantage of our decades of experience in manufacturing plastic packaging!