Plastic Tube Container MK-Pack

Packaging and storage tubes for face milling cutters and shell end mills

  • with secure twist closure
  • easy handling
  • durable and reusable
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Product features MK-Pack

  • with secure twist closure
  • MK 150 and MK 180 with handle grip for easier opening and stacking function as second benefit
  • tool is secured in the center of the pack by means of a spigot located in the tool arbor hole
  • adaptor rings to accomodate various arbor hole sizes (to be plugged into the spigot insert)
  • foam insert to be put into cover of pack for additional protection available
  • easy handling
  • durable and reusable
  • sturdy, oil, and moisture resistant
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Polyethylene (PE) made from 100% recycled plastic (post-consumer recyclate)
  • PE natural or in various attractive standard colors
  • also available made from 100% recycled plastic (post-consumer recyclate)
  • also available made from Bio-HDPE based on sugarcane

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