As an experienced manufacturer of indexable inserts, you know that the cutting edges are prone to chipping or even breaking, making the inserts unusable. This leads to customer complaints and a major problem for you. We can solve that problem! Our plastic packaging for inserts and indexable inserts ensures your products arrive safe and sound at their destination.

Packaging essentially has two basic jobs – to protect both the contents and the user. But it should also do so much more! Good packaging also impresses with functional ergonomics and easy handling – whether during filling by your employees or subsequent use by the end customer.

And of course, high-quality plastic packaging for indexable inserts should also stand out from rival products with innovative and appealing designs. As you’ve probably already guessed, we’re actually describing the advanced packaging solutions from rose plastic. We’ll be happy to advise you about choosing suitable packaging for your indexable inserts – just call us or send us an email!

Our packaging for cutting inserts has really got what it takes

When it comes to packaging for cutting inserts, rose plastic is literally a cut above the competition. Because we’ve got them all covered: indexable inserts, multi-tooth inserts, ISO turntables and turning plates, threaded plates, indexable milling inserts, thread milling cutters, and so on. Our flat packaging ensures your inserts are safely stored and always ready for use – no matter which of our solutions you choose: our classic InsertBox, our innovative InsertBox HighS, our proven InsertSplitBox, or our attractive InsertSplitBox SL. Naturally, we can also provide the matching protective foam pads.