Our website is now also available in Spanish!

When you visit our website, you have the option of surfing through the pages in two different languages. Now we have added another language to the offer.

In addition to Portuguese and English, the rose plastic Brazil website is now also available in Spanish. With this innovation, we want to offer an optimal service for the South American continent.
To select the language setting for our website, simply click on the languages English/Portuguese/Spanish at the top right of the homepage. This will take you to the "Region & Language" subpage. There you can select your desired target language under "Change language".

By the way ... you can also set the desired country of delivery on this subpage. From our production site in Sorocaba, we supply our plastic packaging solutions to customers in South and Central America, with the exception of Mexico and Costa Rica. These cover a wide range of applications. For example, cutting tools, industrial components, DIY, retail and consumer goods as well as pharmaceutical products.

Our standard portfolio includes around 4,000 different types of plastic packaging. Are you looking for the perfect packaging for your requirements? Whether it's tubes, boxes, cases and more - our product finder will help you find the ideal solution.

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