“Blue Angel” for our products made from PCR

rose plastic has once again been recognized for its sustainable packaging solutions: Our range of products made from post-consumer recyclate (PCR) has now received the “Blue Angel” quality seal.

We’ve all seen it, the blue figure with arms spread wide, surrounded by a laurel wreath. We are, of course, referring to the “Blue Angel” logo. Since 1978, the German government’s eco-label has provided consumers with assistance and guidance when buying sustainable products.

Our packaging made from post-consumer recyclate can now also bear this quality seal. The “Blue Angel” recognizes products that are manufactured ecologically and sustainably and are subsequently returned to the raw material cycle. The entire life cycle of a product is therefore considered when awarding this quality seal. As a prerequisite for this certification, proof that the end products consist of more than 80% PCR must be provided.

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Guiding light for environmentally friendly products
The “Blue Angel” guarantees that a product or service meets high standards in terms of its environmental, health, and performance characteristics. For each product group, there is a catalog of criteria that the products must fulfill in order to bear the “Blue Angel” label.

The seal is awarded by the independent “Eco-Label Jury”, whose members represent environmental and consumer associations, trade unions, industry, commerce, crafts, local authorities, science, media, churches, youth groups, and the federal states. The trademark owner is the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety. The final certification is issued by RAL GmbH, the state-authorized body responsible for awarding this seal.

It applies the following criteria, among others, during its assessment:

  • Conservation of resources during production
  • Use of sustainably produced raw materials
  • Restricted or zero use of harmful substances
  • Good recyclability
  • Lowest possible emissions (into soil, water, and air)
  • Durability
  • Energy efficiency

The Federal Environment Agency reviews these criteria every three to four years. This process requires companies to continually ensure and improve the environmental performance of their products over time. 

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